Welcome to the '68 Center for Career Exploration


Visit our events calendar to learn more about the many programs offered this January, designed to assist you in searching for a potential summer internship, developing a post-graduate plan, making connections, and/or gaining key skills. We encourage every student to take part in at least one event!

Get Started with Career Preparation:

Learn how to start using the ’68 Center for Career Exploration from day one at Williams. The Career Preparation curriculum provides skills-based tools and recommendations for yearly engagement in career exploration.

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Explore Our Six Career Communities: 

Our virtual career communities are inclusive knowledge sharing spaces organized by industry, not major, to enable you to apply your skills, interests and values to diverse fields. Students are encouraged to sample multiple career communities to help you explore potential post-Williams paths.

Arts, Communications & Technology
Careers with Social Impact
Entrepreneurship & Startups
Sciences & Health Professions


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