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“Empowering Williams students to explore, define, and achieveĀ their post graduate goals.”


2016 Williams Career Center Staff

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Our Role:

  • Provide you with a team of encouraging, supportive, and informed advisors
  • Deliver one-on-one, confidential advising
  • Instruct you in the process and tools necessary to achieve your goals
  • Offer a diverse range of premium opportunities and programming
  • Assist you in developing and activating your career action plan

Your Role:

  • Be prepared to make the most out of your appointments and networking conversations
  • Take intentional ownership of your career development timeline and process
  • Respect the time of those investing in you: alumni, employers and career center staff
  • Understand how the career planning process works: while others can help you think about and identify options, you get to find your own job


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