2019 Alumni Sponsored Internship Program

The Alumni Sponsored Internship Program provides grants for students to pursue summer internships from organizations that offer unpaid or limited stipends for internships that otherwise would be financially inaccessible for students. ASIP grants empower students to explore areas of potential career interest, engage projects that address significant issues in society, and create positive local community and even global-level change. ASIPs offer students first-hand experience to augment their academic preparation, learn specific co-curricular skills, and build important professional networks. ASIPs showcase Williams students to the world and the world to Williams; the impact of which can last a lifetime.

2019 ASIP Internships by Career Industries and Geographic Locations

2019 ASIP Fund Descriptions

2019 ASIP Student Testimonials – Coming soon!

Fiona Keller ’21

Erie Family Health Centers, Chicago, IL I decided to become a doctor after taking a human physiology class my junior year in high school. At Williams, I decided to study biology and fell in love with the subject, but quickly found myself disillusioned by medicine. I heard too many stories… Continue reading »

Brynn Moynihan ’21

Beckon Ice Cream, Allston, MA This summer, I was given the opportunity to work at Beckon Ice Cream, a start-up based in Allston, Mass. Beckon Ice Cream produces lactose free ice cream that is made with real dairy. It also uses no gums or stabilizers, no artificial ingredients, and pure… Continue reading »

Julia Tucher ’21

Whooo’s Reading, New York, NY Whooo’s Reading (WR) is an education technology (edtech) start-up founded by a group of Williams alumni from the Class of 2012 with the goal of creating and promoting better reading comprehension assessment tools for teachers while maintaining a fun virtual learning environment for students. Their… Continue reading »

Abigail Yu ’21

Lever, Inc., North Adams, MA For the past ten weeks, I have been working as a management consulting intern in North Adams for Lever—a non-profit incubator that typically incubates high-growth start-ups in the Berkshire region. This year, however, Lever is also hosting their very first Intrapreneur Challenge, in which various… Continue reading »

Alexandra Bernard ’21

Williamstown Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, Williamstown, MA This summer, I had the opportunity to work as a research intern for the Williamstown Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (PARAC). PARAC is an ad hoc committee appointed by Williamstown’s Select Board with the task of developing and presenting a report with… Continue reading »

Cate Osborne ’21

Access Theater, New York, NY From my time interning on an ultra-low budget indie movie this summer, I have decided that I am definitely going to try to break into the movie industry as a full-time professional. Along with another Williams student, Phillip Pyle ’22, and a Williams alum, Laura… Continue reading »

Daniel Tran ’21

University of Colorado, Webb-Waring Center, Aurora, CO This summer, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to do biomedical research at the Webb-Waring Center in Aurora, Colorado. The Webb-Waring Center is a research center on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus that was founded in the early 1900s to… Continue reading »

Ahad Qureshi ’21

AKALA, Los Angeles, CA This summer I interned at AKALA, a tech start-up focused on providing college counseling for underprivileged children, starting from middle school. AKALA aims to utilize A.I. to build a platform that will not only provide assistance in guiding a child to extracurriculars or classes suited to… Continue reading »

Grace Yang ’22

KIPP STAR Harlem Elementary School, New York, NY I spent this past summer working as an Operations Intern at KIPP STAR Harlem Elementary School, a charter school that seeks to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline and to provide underprivileged youth with a stellar education. In a world where mass incarceration primarily… Continue reading »

Will Snyder ’21

Idarado Media, Ketchum, ID Idarado Media is a production company that specializes in creating photo and video content for brands that need outdoor media. Idarado’s clients understand that in order to appeal to their consumers they need to create a compelling and authentic narrative around their products. Idarado works closely… Continue reading »