ACT Resumes

Resumes for Creative & Tech professionals

  • Your resume should be clean, well designed, and easy to navigate to convey your personality or aesthetic.
  • It is not your life story, but rather highlights your experiences and skills, inspiring the reader to want to learn.
  • If you need to include everything, possibly for academic or research positions, make a CV (curriculum vitae).
  • Photo? Unless you are an actor, no. They can see your photo on Linkedin.
  • The average resume is read in only 6 seconds, which is why it is important that you keep it concise.
  • You can expand on your skills/experiences in a cover letter.
  • Your cover letter and your resume should complement each other, a tidy package, showcasing your organization. Use the same font, and possibly the same header (your name/contact info).
  • Include a link to your online “landing space.”

You can create your own resume template in Adobe Using InDesign will give you the most control. LinkedIn Learning is a great place to take a tutorial. There are also resume templates available on Etsy,, Microsoft Office, and Google Docs.

Resume examples below.  Please do not copy them, rather use them as inspiration to make your own well-designed, unique resume.

Film Production


Graphic Design 



Music Resume Guide 

Media Publishing /Journalism

Tech IT_CS


Theatre Template