Enrique Perez ’01

Enrique Perez ’01 serves as Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Housing & Economic Development for the Patrick-Murray Administration in Massachusetts. In this role he serves as the Secretary’s de-facto COO, executing to keep operations running smoothly at the Executive Office and within the secretariat. He can often be found discussing the quality of the workforce and quality of life—even scolding his friends when they take their tourism dollars outside of Massachusetts.

Prior to that, Mr. Perez served as Chief of Staff to the Undersecretary of Business Development, and as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Undersecretary in the Romney Administration. Mr. Perez also served as a Fiscal Policy Analyst for the Massachusetts Senate Committee on Ways and Means. During his tenure, he developed multi-billion dollar revenue and spending projections, advised the Committee Chairwoman during various negotiations, and proposed and crafted reforms that the Senate adopted, many of which garnered significant press coverage and have since been signed into law.

In thinking of how Williams prepared him for each of his roles: “Government needs individuals who can not only ask questions, but who want to try answering them as well. Williams will not only prepare you to pose the questions we need to be asking—it will arm you with the tools necessary to try and answer them.”