Qiang Sun ’00

Qiang Sun is the Founder and CEO of Woyama.com, an early stage Silicon Valley startup with the mission of personalizing online shopping through data analysis.

Born and raised in China, Qiang landed on the soil of a foreign country for the first time in 1996 when he arrived at Williams as one of the six fortunate recipients of the Haystack International Scholarship. For a young man who had lived till then only in an isolated socialist country, adapting to the American college life on an isolated campus was nerve wracking but more so exciting. Within three months, he was ready to call Williamstown his second hometown. Qiang majored in Physics and Computer Science and spent his junior year at Caltech studying computer engineering. After a fabulous summer internship at Microsoft, Qiang returned to the purple valley where a busy senior year awaited him, during which time he published two research papers and graduated summa cum laude.

After Williams, Qiang moved to the Bay Area to join Siebel Systems, then the fastest growing enterprise software company in the US. He began his career in software development as a junior level engineer in the server team. Qiang witnessed the harsh consequences of the burst of the technology bubble. Yet the most difficult challenge he ever faced was losing his father after a 16-month battle against cancer.

Through his hard work and a little luck, Qiang became the youngest manager in the Siebel Core Engineering team after a string of promotions during a four-year period. In April 2006, Qiang joined Oracle Corporation. After working as a Senior Manager in the Server Technology division for one and half years, Qiang decided to leave the comfort of corporate America behind and to live the dream of being an entrepreneur.

Qiang is passionate about increasing the efficiency in decision making processes through the use of analytic tools and leveraging the web as the information exchange platform. Qiang has found a perfect marriage of these two ideas at his startup Woyama.com.