Wit McKay ’78

Wit McKay ’78 is a freelance photographer and artist in New York City. He graduated from Williams with a double major in History and Studio Art. Wit attended graduate school at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He received his MFA in 1983. There he won an Andrew Mellon Graduate Fellowship in Art and Technology. Upon graduation he left Chicago for New York.

After moving to New York, and in spite of being completely unqualified, he soon found himself employed at Sotheby’s as a large format still life photographer. This evolved into a career and “day job” to support his personal fine art work. Over the years he has worked for all of the major auction houses and many prominent art and antiques galleries, producing images for advertising, catalogues, books and sales material. In this time he has photographed the entire range of artworks from Botticelli and Michelangelo to Giacometti and Stuart Davis, from Louis XV chairs to fantastic jewelry to Louis Tiffany’s own lamp. Recently, deciding it was time for a change after 27 years in New York City, he and his wife moved back to Williamstown to pursue personal projects full time.

Updated March 2011.