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Probably the best way to begin thinking about the range of career options you have when attending a top-notch school like Williams is to read through the stories of those who have gone before you. The links below connect you with a sampling of alumni profiles.

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Nora Burns ’04

Nora joined Gardner Nelson from Robinson, Lerer & Montgomery, where she worked in corporate communications and crisis management.

Molly Bourne ’87

An art history major at Williams, Molly immediately went on to receive a Master’s in Italian Renaissance Art History from Syracuse University in Florence, an experience that provided a satisfying year-long sojourn in Italy and a chance to perfect her...

Cari-Esta Albert ’80

Currently an independent film producer, Cari-Esta has worked in television and with major movie studios.

Eric Kaye – ’92

A 3rd generation professional musician, Eric, who received a degree in composition, is also a composer and producer.

Esa Seegulam ’06

Esa was an international student at Williams and majored in Biology. He is working on his PhD in Molecular Cell Biology at Washington University.

Anna Gunning ’06

On a day-to-day basis there is a great deal of research and a great deal of writing — be it a formal research report for publication, a pithy press release, or an explanatory white paper. There is frequent contact with...

Chris Geissler ’06

At Williams, Chris was an economics and math double major as well a Junior Advisor Co-President. Chris currently resides in the Van Ness neighborhood and loves living in Washington as it is a young city with lots to do. When...

Ivan Manolov ’05

Ivan graduated from Williams with a triple major in Economics, Mathematics, and German Studies. He spent the next two years in New York City as a crude oil options trader with Deutsche Bank.

Reuben Albo ’05

Being a Special Education teacher is a bit different from being a general education teacher. In public schools, funding comes from the Federal government not just the State. You may work with a team including aides, a speech therapist and...

Kelly Murphy ’04

At Williams, Kelly majored in Mathematics and Economics.

Michael Henry ’04

Before joining UCAR’s Office of Government Affairs, Mike worked in the Washington, D.C. office of U.S. Senator Benjamin Cardin of Maryland, focusing on legislative issues related to energy and the environment. In that position, Mike learned the fundamentals of the...

Alvaro Jarrin ’03

Jeremy Da ’03

Upon graduating, Jeremy played in several different musical groups and toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe. He then moved back to France where he accepted a position as Legal Assistant in Shearman & Sterling LLP’s Paris office. After...

Grace Rubenstein ’01

Grace Rubenstein was born and raised in the small town of Mill Valley, California, and loved writing short stories (fiction) and poetry from as early as third grade. During high school she was involved with student government and wrote for...

Zuzana Tothova ’01

Zuzana Tothova ‘01 is a physician scientist at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. When she is not treating patients with leukemia, she performs research on the biology of blood cancers with the goal to identify new...

Enrique Perez ’01

Enrique Perez ’01 serves as Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Housing & Economic Development for the Patrick-Murray Administration in Massachusetts. In this role he serves as the Secretary’s de-facto COO, executing to keep operations running smoothly at the...

Qiang Sun ’00

Qiang Sun is the Founder and CEO of, an early stage Silicon Valley startup with the mission of personalizing online shopping through data analysis.

Mireya Hurtado ’00

Mireya Hurtado is the Director of the Office of Hispanic/Latino Affairs at the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS). In that role, she supports the Department in ensuring that Illinois’ Latino community has access to, and an understanding of, the...

Duarte Geraldino ’00

Duarte has prepared several special reports for NBC 4, including a review of sex offender detection and location systems, telecommunications pricing, and the biological roots of love. Duarte has also been a guest chef on NBC 4’s noon show, teaching...

Sarah Repucci ’98

Sarah Repucci is a Senior Research Coordinator at Transparency International, a non-governmental organization focused on corruption.

Noah Harlan ’97

Noah Harlan is the co-founder of 2.1 Films, a New York production and development company through which he has produced or co-produced five feature films and numerous documentaries, television and branded content projects.

Emine Fetvaci ’96

Emine Fetvac? was an international student from Turkey and graduated in 1996. She is an assistant professor at Boston University’s Department of Art History, where she teaches courses on Islamic art.

Allyson Hightower ’95

Charles Davies ’95


Anim Steel ’94

Anim Steel ’94 is The Food Project’s Director of National Programs. The Food Project, a nonprofit organization in Boston, MA began 15 years ago with a vision is to “create personal and social change through sustainable agriculture”; the founder saw...

Kurt Shaw ’93

Before founding Shine a Light, Kurt Shaw ’93 spent almost two years working with grassroots groups in El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia, using his Fulbright Fellowship to study the relationship between contemporary French philosophy and Liberation Theology.

Margaret Kim ’91

Margaret Kim ’91 has recently served as Director, Historical Programming for The History Channel and as Executive Producer for many of the network’s series and specials.

Kevin Hinton ’89

Kevin also served as a product manager with the Internet subsidiary of The Washington Post Company (TWPC) from 2000 through 2004. From 2002 through 2004, Kevin owned responsibility for a multi-million dollar portfolio of online classified advertising products developed to...

Dan Keating ’84

Dan graduated from Williams College in 1984 majoring in psychology. He has taught as an adjunct professor in the graduate journalism program at the University of Maryland.

Julie Nessen ’82

Julie is the Executive Director and co-founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA). YEA’s mission is to empower low opportunity teens to turn their lives around through business ownership, job training, financial education, academic and social support.

Wit McKay ’78

Updated March 2011.

Gillian Sowden ’06

Gillian Sowden was an international student from Scotland at Williams. She will start a residency in psychiatry in the summer of 2011.
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