Fine & Performing Arts

Those who want to pursue careers as creative artists — on stage, in front of a camera, in print, or on canvas — are those that must have the greatest passion of all.  The field is so competitive that only those with a singular purpose seem able to succeed.  Finding mentors who can encourage, coach, and promote is essential when beginning this most difficult of career paths.

Despite its prominence in our society, the industry itself is relatively small when compared to others, such as the manufacturing or services industries. The hub of activity is primarily centered around major cities – New York and Los Angeles, for example, are primary hubs of activity in the fine and performing arts. These facts simply add to the difficulty of breaking in.

Networking is essential when considering a career in these highly competitive fields. It is critical to prepare an effective approach to creating your network and I am happy to help you tackle the challenge. So, come and see me, specialist in the career areas of entertainment and the arts, and we’ll put together a plan to help you enter this very competitive job market. In the meantime, check out some of the information contained in the Wetfeet database that we subscribe to in addition to the many other sites we have identified as useful for those exploring career options in entertainments and the arts.

    • Communication Arts Center - Table of contents includes: creative; interactive; career resources (including job listings nationwide); competitions; community forums; design issue columns... lots more!
    • Creativejobscentral adds over 10,000 internships and entry level creative jobs weekly.
    • - Creative employment opportunities in Massachusetts. Search by category, region, and organization. Also includes listing of arts organizations and their web sites.