Interested in how a museum or gallery operates, raises funds, advocates, and markets their artists and programs? Arts Management may be your fit. Curious about the intersection of art, sound, and science?  An experience in Sound Art or film audio production may be your path.

Eph artists can be…dancers, graphic designers, stand up comics, art therapists, set designers, music composers, curators, sculptors, fashion designers, architects, poets, authors, cartoonists, art educators, visual designers, film production assistants, animators, and the list continuesThere is an intersection of skills, education, and experiential learning in these fields. Once you combine these with a bit of planning and networking you will be on your way! Check out ArtSearch, a must resource for the art industry and ARTFIXdaily for art world news!

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    Broad topics in architecture include construction, engineering, interior design, landscape, architecture, and urban planning.

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