Kraft Family Internship Program

The Kraft Family Internship Program, founded by the Kraft family, provides an opportunity for students to work with private non-profit and government agencies located in New England that promote social equality and provide direct assistance to consumers of social services.

Chaz Cotton ’23

Chaz Cotton working with students.

Tyler Street Lab, Pittsfield, MA This summer I worked a hybrid internship doing research remotely and presenting to kids in local communities in Western Massachusetts. As the goal of my internship was to provide education on mental and physical health for adolescents I focused a lot of my time reading… Continue reading »

Shiara Pyrrhus ’23

Shiara Pyrrhus posing for a photo.

Health Equity International, Newton, MA I enjoyed working as a grant writer and communications intern at Health Equity International this summer. I loved my job because it kept me on my toes. I never knew what to expect from day to day. Although I was an intern, I felt I… Continue reading »

Sam Coyle ’24

Sam Coyle at work.

Peace Development Fund, Amherst, MA Over the summer, I had the pleasure of interning at the Peace Development Fund (PDF), a public foundation dedicated to funding and supporting grassroots, social activist organizations across America. At PDF, there are many types of funds that grant-seeking organizations can receive in accordance with… Continue reading »

Kiara Tan ’23

Kiara Tan outside the lab.

Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA This summer I worked at the Mannix/Meehan/Qiu Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital. Broadly the lab works on exploring traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and concussions. They look at different treatments for concussions, blood biomarkers for analyses and behavioral outcomes. They currently use a mouse model but… Continue reading »

William Donoso ’23

William Donoso working.

Berkshire Film and Media Collaborative and DisruptAR, Pittsfield, MA This summer I was privileged to intern for Berkshire Film and Media Collaborative (BFMC) and DisruptAR. Both BFMC and DisruptAR created invaluable opportunities for me to grow as a filmmaker and professional in the arts/humanities. At the nonprofit BFMC, I worked… Continue reading »

Benjamin Xu ’23

Benjamin Xu with internship supervisor and fellow intern.

By the Way Berkshires, Williamstown, MA This summer, I worked as an arts journalism intern for By the Way Berkshires, a Williamstown-based digital magazine founded by Katherine Abbott ’00. Stories promoting the creative economy of the Berkshires are found on the website and cover a wide range of subject matter,… Continue reading »

David Elien, Jr. ’23

David Elien with a fellow intern.

Youth, Education and Sport (YES) Initiative, Pittsfield, MA This summer I continued to intern with the Youth, Education and Sport (YES) Initiative. YES is a nonprofit organization based in Pittsfield that serves underprivileged youth in the Berkshire area. It’s run by two alums, Brandon Dory ’17 and Patrick Gordon ’17,… Continue reading »

Annabel Evison ’24

Selfie of Annabel Evison.

Dirt Palace, Providence, RI This summer I had the opportunity to intern for Dirt Palace, a feminist art collective founded in 2000 in Providence that recently acquired and opened a new space to expand their work. The Dirt Palace hosts a long-term residency program for artists that center feminism in… Continue reading »

Dante Gutbrod ’23

Photo and quote from Dante Gutbrod.

Beat the Streets New England, Boston, MA This summer I worked at Beat the Streets New England (BTSNE), a regional chapter of a nation-wide sports-based youth development nonprofit that provides a range of opportunities for young student athletes and supports them in reaching their full potential in all areas of… Continue reading »

Caroline Hess ’23

Reclaim Childhood, Jordan This summer, I worked as a funding and strategy intern for Reclaim Childhood (RC). RC creates safe and inclusive spaces for refugees and local girls in Jordan to thrive by playing sports, working with coaches and building community. I first became involved with RC five years ago,… Continue reading »