Meet Your Social Impact Blogger!

I am Yolanda Zhao, a rising juniyolandaor.  My passion for mission-driven work led me to explore a number of career opportunities within the not-for-profit sector and also encouraged me to take on this newly created position —the Social Impact Intern for the Career Center.

I am excited about serving my peers who share the same enthusiasm for a service-oriented career through this internship opportunity. I am also excited about enriching my own understanding of “purpose-driven” work and learning more about myself. Working closely with Michelle, I will be blogging, researching, curating a list of on and off-campus resources, holding resume/coverletter review time for interested students, etc.

In my blog, I will create multi-media posts on alumni and student profiles, on and off-campus events and resources, job and internship opportunities and skills necessary to succeed in the job search. I envision the blog being a space not only for disseminating information but also for connecting interested students and alumni.

The path leading to a career that is both personally meaningful and socially impactful is full of discoveries, surprises (pleasant and unpleasant) and moments of growth. It requires tremendous patience and resoluteness to stay hopeful on this journey and sometimes we may feel that we are completely alone. However, this journey does not have to be lonely and that’s what the CSI initiative is for.  I can’t  wait to see how the CSI initiative weaves together our aspirations, endeavors and stories!