Consulting & Finance

Fast pace, demanding hours, constant travel, challenging clients, good pay, stimulating environment, intense teamwork, burnout potential: high. These words describe the corporate culture of both consulting and finance. If that intrigues you, read on.

Competition for a spot at a top-ten consulting firm or investment bank is fierce; only a small percentage of those trying out will succeed in landing an entry-level position. Williams students, however, have done better than average in securing positions in these industries. It demands a stellar academic record, serious preparation, and extreme poise during the interview process.

It is important to learn what really happens in these fields before you begin the labor-intensive campaign to win a spot. I recommend that you come meet with me, Robin Meyer, because as Director of Employer Relations and the Business Counselor, we can explore all the options within the business world in which you may have an interest. Also, there are many employer information sessions that will help you understand what it takes to succeed. If possible, don’t wait until the fall of senior year to begin exploring consulting and finance as career options. Employers in finance often begin recruiting for full-time post-graduate positions from their sophomore and junior summer internship pools.  In the meantime, read through the extensive resources we have available online.

2016 Williams Career Center Staff

Robin Meyer, Associate Director/Director of Employer Relations

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