Impressions & Reflections

Summer Job Reflections Database

Williams students are amazingly resourceful when it comes to finding fantastic summer jobs, and we wanted to capture some of that resourcefulness for the benefit of all students.

Use the link below to access the Summer Job Reflections Database.

This summer and for the past many summers, we have been collecting students’ reflections on and data about their summer jobs. This information is available in a searchable database. You will also find information from previous years in the binders collected in our career library at the Career Center.

Please take some time to search through the database and perhaps you will find a lead to an amazing summer. Use your Williams (unix) email username and password.

Class of 2013 Destinations

Take a look at where the most recent grads were at the time of graduation, June 2013.  View their choices and destinations here.  And, if you want to hear their words of wisdom for next year’s class, click here for a video.

First Impressions Database

Ever wonder what happened to some of your friends who graduated in ’09? Curious about what recent alumni do in those first few years after graduation?

Use the link below to access the First Impressions Database.

Every summer since 2007 we send out a survey to the previous graduating class to find out what they’ve been up to in the past year. We have compiled the results into a searchable database.

Please take a look at this database to help with your own planning, find a few good contacts, and get inspired to forge ahead with your own career plan.