Careers with Social Impact (CSI)

I am Michelle Shaw, a 1995 Williams alumna, and I advise students and alumni about careers with a service-driven focus.  I have had a career trajectory that reveals the very best of a liberal arts education.

Recently, I was reviewing the history of the founding of the College when I discovered this little known fact: Williams College started out as a tuition-free school.  One might say then that Williams stands here today on a solid foundation of philanthropy and service.

Not to be outdone, many Williams students today carry on this tradition of public service and, in fact, recognize service as an essential component of their liberal arts education. The Careers with Social Impact (CSI) initiative is where passion and purpose connect. 


2016 Williams Career Center StaffMichelle Shaw ’95, Associate Director/Pre-Law Advisor

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  • CSI Voices - A Blog
    The CSI Blog will feature Social Impact Intern Fangyuan "Yolanda" Zhao.  Yolanda will highlight alumni and student profiles, on and off-campus events, and job and internship opportunities. If you see Yolanda on campus, let her know why social impact careers matter to you! 
  • Career Listservs
    Be sure to sign up for any of the CSI list serves on Rte 2 so you never miss out on events, jobs, interesting news, CSI treks, Winter Study and career meetups.  .
  • Resumes and Coverletters
    You’ve found your dream job—what now? The application process can be quite daunting.That is why we have created a sample, CSI-specific Resume to help you make your best first written impression.  Not sure how to get started on a coverletter?  Review our resource here and try your hand at creating your own.  Follow up by visiting me to review your resume and coverletter.
  • Alumni Database and Interviewing
    Seriously, making connections with alumni, faculty, parents, teammates...this is how 70% of Williams grads get internships and jobs in the social sector. Good news, the Career Center offers an amazing tool (the Alumni Directory) that connects you to thousands of new Williams alumni friends who can help.  I can help you build a personal networking plan.  In fact consider, me your next friendly contact! There are many resources available to you when it’s your time! Did you also know that we can help you with interviewing?   Come in and talk to me today to carve out your job search strategy and to check in with me to be sure you are on track.  
  • Campus Partners/Resources

    Center for Learning in Action (CLiA) - The CLiA strives to cultivate and sustain experiential learning opportunities, curricular and non-curricular, in service of the teaching goals of our faculty, the civic aspirations of our students and the needs of the wider community.

    Chaplain’s Office - The chaplains provide spiritual direction and counseling, and seek to support and facilitate the growth and development of all students. The chaplains work closely with the Center for Learning in Action to support student efforts in community service and other needs in the surrounding community.

    The Davis Center - The Davis Center advances broad campus engagement with complex issues of identity, history, and cultures as they affect intellectual, creative, and social life.

    GoingGlobal - Packed with country-specific career information, this research tool provides expert advice and insider tips for finding employment opportunities at home and abroad.

    Internships-USA - More than 3,000 organizations offering internships for college and law students.  Please log into your Rte 2 account for the username and password to access this site. Both are located about 2/3 of the way down on your "Home" page.

    Linkedin - This networking site helps you to build your professional contacts and offers a job search database.

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.