Timetable & Checklist

Junior Year

Participate in interviews and discussions with law school representatives.

During the spring semester, schedule a preliminary conference with the pre-law advisor at WCC to discuss your plans.

Think about who will be your faculty references; find out which faculty members will be on campus in the fall.

Summer Prior to Senior Year

Taking the June test is a good idea so you will have your scores while you are deciding where to apply. Register early and choose a test location convenient for you.

Prepare a resume of your major courses, activities, honors, employment record, travel, personal interests, and career goals. This will be helpful to recommendation writers and will be useful in organizing future application essays and answers.

Prepare a draft of your personal statement and ask the pre-law advisor to review it for you.

Senior Year Fall Semester

As soon as you select schools to which you would like to apply, send for your applications or find them on-line.

Request recommendations from faculty members.

Register for the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) with LSAC.  ABA-approved law schools and many other law schools require the CAS for J.D. applicants.  The CAS centralizes and streamlines relevant application materials including transcripts, letters of recommendation, writing sample(s), and your LSAT score(s).  The CAS creates a report from this information and sends it to each school to which you have applied.

If you have not taken a previous LSAT, then register promptly to take the October test. This would also be the date to take a retake if your situation warrants such action. The October test is offered at Williams.

Meet with the pre-law advisor to discuss your current plans and application strategy.

Attend law school information sessions and meet the visiting law school admissions officers at WCC.

Notify your recommendation writers of your application schedule and supply them with any necessary forms and stamped, addressed envelopes, or instructions for submitting the recommendation.

It is your responsibility to have an official copy of your transcript sent to LSAC directly from the registrar’s office of every institution you have attended.

Complete and submit your applications by Thanksgiving or earlier.

The Remainder of Senior Year

If there is any doubt as to the receipt or completion of your application, check your account on LSAC.org.

Wait for decisions, which may come early if decided on a rolling admissions basis or much later in the spring, depending on school policy.

If you are admitted to your first choice school, release other schools from your application so that other applicants may be considered