Create a Change Challenge @ Williams

The Create a Change Challenge @ Williams is a social movement focused around the issue of plastic waste. The goal is to encourage ANY students to create a new innovative solution to plastic waste that will have a positive change on campus and the nearby Berkshire area while also raising awareness for the issue. Working in teams and learning and using the latest methods in entrepreneurship and Design Thinking, the students will have 2 months to prepare for a pitch competition on November 24th where they will present their ideas for a chance to win up to $8,000.

Interested students will attend a mandatory workshop at 6:30PM on September 30th at Griffin 7 where they will be introduced to the problem and the objectives for this challenge. Success depends on the diversity of thought and perspectives, so all students are encouraged to participate, regardless of former experience in entrepreneurship. Teams will be constructed by the event organizers, and then the teams will develop an idea to solve the problem of plastic waste on campus. Over the course of the 2 months, the teams will have access to one alumni mentor for any questions and will be required to check in at least once with the [email protected] College, the Zilkha Center, the Davis Center, and Design Thinking @ Williams.

Spread the word and let’s Create a Change at Williams!


For any further questions, please attend the workshop on September 30th and feel free to reach out to:  

Tonio Palmer – Entrepreneur in Residence (twp1)

Ric Grefe – Design Thinker in Residence (rdg1)

Ceci Del Cid – Assistant Director at the Davis Center (cd11)

Mike Evans – Interim Director at the Zilkha Center (mae3)

Kohen Rahman ’22 (kr8)