Education is one of the largest fields of employment for Williams graduates. Many of our students choose to share their love of learning with others and reap the personal and professional rewards of education-related careers. Whether you’re considering teaching, school administration or working at a college or university—or even if just want to take a little more time to continue your own education—we can instruct you on how to succeed.

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  • Employers Who Recruit On-Campus
    • Dick Flood, Carney Sandoe, Match Education, KIPP, WorldTeach, Urban Teachers, Basis, Teach for America, JET Education Services, Search Associates, Summer Exploration Program, Cal West, Overland, and many more. Apply on Handshake!
    • Peak Hiring Season - Fall through early Spring


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For quick questions, stop by the Career Center 1-3:45 p.m., Monday through Friday. Walk-in appointments are 15 minutes. If you’re ready to discuss career options, resume and cover letter, job applications, or interview skills, you can use Handshake to set up a half hour appointment.

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2016 Williams Career Center Staff

Michael O’Connor, Associate Director/Director of the Career Discovery Program

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