Higher Education & Higher Education Administration

Higher Education in the United States refers to post-secondary schools, usually called college and universities, like Williams College. To learn more about the field of Higher Education as a whole, you can read resources including the Chronicle of Higher Education or look through job postings at higheredjobs.com.

  • Recruiting Timeline

    Typically spring for undergraduates going into student affairs and administration roles. Graduate school applications range from early fall through early spring.

  • Sample of Jobs

    Housing Assistant/Area Coordinator; Career Advisor; Academic Advisor; Admissions Counselor; Student Services Specialist/Coordinator

  • Teaching at the University Level

    Teaching at the college level requires a doctorate degree in a specific subject matter, such as Biology, English, or Political Science. Your faculty and Williams are great resources if you are interested in pursuing a PhD with the goal of teaching and researching at the college level. College faculty have multiple responsibilities in addition to teaching, including research, grant writing, service, and administrative duties. A graduate student in a given field is typically driven by a desire to specialize in the field and to answer a critical question that seeks to advance our knowledge and understanding of that subject matter.

Williams Alumni in Higher Education

  • Office Hours: Joe Cruz ’91

    photo of a man wearing a dark blue shirt with curly hair and a beard.

    Joe Cruz '91 talks Robert Frost poems, AI, and the convergence of computer science, math, english, and history into his studying and teaching of philosophy at Williams for the past 20 years. Continue reading »

  • Office Hours: Tatiana Cruz ’11

    person standing by a door smiling and pointing to sign on it that reads F303

    As a first-generation student and parent while at Williams, Tatiana Cruz '11 shares her influences and journey into becoming a historian of race, gender, and social movements in modern U.S. culture with David Shakirov '22. Continue reading »



Higher Education Administration

There are a wide range of student-facing, research, and administrative roles at college and universities.

    • Institutional research
    • Investment office
    • Admissions
    • Dean's office
    • Financial aid
    • Diversity and inclusion
    • Residential life
    • Wellbeing
    • Health and mental health
    • Study abroad
    • Career center and fellowships
    • Alumni relations
    • Development
    • Athletics, and more!

    Careers in student facing roles, such as in student life or the dean's office, traditionally require a master's degree in student affairs or higher education administration. Visit ACPA (College Student Educator's International) and NASPA (Student Affairs Professional Organization) to learn more, and also consider a on-campus job at Williams to gain experience in the field of higher education. All on-campus jobs are posted on Handshake!