Recruiting Policies

Requirements for Employer Registrations

To be approved in Handshake, registrations must include:

  • Organization name
  • Contact name (Please use an official name, not “campus recruiter” or “human resources”)
  • Official organization email address; registrations with personal email addresses or non-organizational addresses will not be approved. (If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the ’68 Center for Career Exploration)
  • Organization website

Requirements for Job & Internship Postings

Handshake is intended for jobs and internships that are appropriate for current students and recent alumni. As such, the following types of positions will NOT be approved:

  • Campus/brand ambassador positions
  • Commission only positions
  • International admissions consulting or tutoring positions
  • Positions or volunteer opportunities that require students to pay a fee or make an investment prior to employment
  • Placement agencies/organizations offering unspecified opportunities to teach abroad
  • Third-party recruiters, unless the name of your client and the job title are clearly indicated in the job or internship posting.

The Williams College ’68 Center for Career Exploration reserves the right to reject any job or internship posting.

Williams College is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive community in which members of all backgrounds can live, learn and thrive. In compliance with state and federal law, Williams does not discriminate in admission, employment, or administration of its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, ancestry, or military service.   Employers utilizing the ‘68 Center services (including job postings and student interviewing) are required to abide by Williams College’s non-discrimination policy. 

The ’68 Center for Career Exploration at Williams also adheres to the principles of professional conduct set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers and reserves the right to deny service to any employer that fails to meet these standards. You may review these guidelines online at principles.

Job Offer Policy

Please note that the below policy can change at any time; please make sure that you review our policy before any virtual or on-campus recruiting activities.

Williams holds the conviction that students must have the opportunity to explore a variety of opportunities in order to make effective career decisions. A student who makes a hasty or ill-considered decision regarding employment precludes his or her exploration of these options, which can lead to reneging on job offers. We appreciate your partnership in extending students’ time to reflect on the right next step for them.

All employers that utilize and benefit from the ’68 Center’s resources and services, including our Handshake platform, must provide a minimum of two to three weeks for the acceptance timeframe starting from when a student receives a written outline of the position and offer. This time frame is designed to increase the likelihood of a better outcome for both the employer and student alike.

If you are actively recruiting for a position with a start date that is more than a year out (i.e., recruiting in fall ‘22 for summer ‘24 opportunities), we require that you provide the student a minimum of 30 days from the time the student receives a written outline of the position and offer. Please note that the ‘68 Center expects that recruiters will provide Williams students with a similar acceptance timeframe as other institutions.  

If employers choose not to follow the policies and deadlines outlined above students will be encouraged to act in their best self-interest, and the employers assume the risk of offer acceptance reneges. 

No Exploding Offers

We expect employers to honor all offers made to students. Exploding offers are prohibited and refer to any condition that places undue pressure on the student to accept early (e.g., “We have 10 offers outstanding for 8 openings and will accept the first 8 students who accept,” or “We will extend an offer if you agree to accept today,” etc.).

To avoid any misunderstandings, we suggest that you provide students with written confirmation of job offers and details.

On our end, we make certain that students are aware of on-campus interviewing policies and the consequences of failing to appear for an interview or backing out of an offer. Please let us know if you experience any concerns about a candidate from Williams.

Williams Cannabis Industry Policy