Williams Cannabis Industry Policy

While cannabis is now legal in Massachusetts, it remains illegal under United States federal law. As an institution that benefits from federal funding, Williams College entirely prohibits the use of cannabis via our code of conduct.  This applies to students in both on-and off-campus housing, and it applies when students are engaged in college-sponsored activities away from campus.

More details on Williams’ cannabis policies can be found here.

The ‘68 Center for Career Exploration Statement on Cannabis Industry Career Opportunities

Williams College is cognizant of the emerging industry surrounding the sale of legal cannabis in Massachusetts, and we appreciate the industry’s interest in finding talent. At the same time, the federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act disallows the unlawful possession, use, and distribution of illicit drugs, including cannabis. If Williams College fails to comply with the Act, we could become ineligible for federal funding, including financial aid for our students and research funding.  

Until there is a clear resolution of this conflict between state and federal laws, the Williams ‘68 Center for Career Exploration (the ‘68 Center) is unable to include  cannabis-related employers in on-campus recruiting activities, nor are we able to promote off-campus cannabis-related career events, with the exception of those organized by regulatory, compliance, oversight, or research organizations that are federally sanctioned. Select employers from the field will be allowed to post opportunities on our online job board, Handshake, provided that their organizations are not involved in the sale, production or distribution of cannabis products, or in any other components of the cannabis industry.

More specifically, the ‘68 Center:

  • will not host or promote events or postings for job-shadowing, internship or postgraduate job opportunities related to cannabis growing, testing, production, distribution, retail sales, promotion, and tourism.
  • will post opportunities focused on compliance, regulation, research, and development within the cannabis industry.

As always, the ‘68 Center maintains sole discretion over which employers and opportunities we will promote to Williams students, including as outlined above, and also in accordance with our standard recruiting policies. The ‘68 Center reserves the right to change its policies at any time.