Entrepreneurship & Start-Ups

The [email protected] program aims to build and practice creativity in problem-solving to foster entrepreneurship. This program helps students extend the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the classroom to real life to become the next generation of thinkers and doers.

  • Williams students present their venture ideas in front of a panel for a chance to win $15,000 to further their projects! The overarching goal of the competition is to help students understand the process for creating and building new ventures. Participating students work extensively with alumni mentors, all of whom are experienced entrepreneurs or new venture investors.
    As a part of the winter study course, Customer Discovery in Technology, students visited startups in the Bay Area to talk to founders about how they figured out if their ideas were worth pursuing and what they did after.
    [email protected] has helped the not-for-profit organization, LEED the Way, expand to the Berkshire area. Through this program, Williams students help local high school students come up with solutions to problems they face in their community and present those solutions to a panel of judges at pitch competitions. The goal is to empower the youth to be leaders today, rather than tomorrow.
  • Summer Events

      • Williams Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship - NEW THIS YEAR!

    Student teams will be working on their venture ideas, working with alumni, learning the entrepreneurial method and having fun!

    Past Events

  • SPEC 26: Customer Discovery in Technology (Travel Course to the Bay Area)

    This course is designed to give students interested in Entrepreneurship in-depth insight into the Customer Discovery process, i.e. how startups figure out if their ideas are worth pursuing. We will meet with the founders of 10-15 start-ups in the Bay Area and track their professional and personal journeys. We will look at the impact of company culture, the Bay Area ecosystem and values, financing, and how a Liberal Arts background prepares students for the challenges of entrepreneurship. Student teams will have the opportunity to work on an actual project for one or more of the companies to be visited and present their findings to senior management. We will also visit the Google campus and Stanford d.School While many of the companies will be technology driven, no technical background is needed and we will strive to have a diverse background in the class.

    More courses will appear on the catalog as the academic year progresses. 

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