Award Details

2018 Venture Pitch Competition Award Details

Williams College will provide $15,000 in funding to the winning team. If available, award funding may also be granted to additional teams. The funds will be distributed and used during a 10 week period in June, July and August 2018.

The following award restrictions shall apply:

1. The winning teams (hereinafter, “teams”) shall comprise at least two Williams College students who have completed at least one undergraduate year, or who will graduate in 2019. These two students must have participated in the pitch event.

2. Only students in good standing with the College or current year graduates are eligible to receive award funding.

3. During the Award Period  teams will work toward goals and milestones as put forth at the Business Plan Challenge and approved by the Advisory Council.

4. Teams will meet with the Advisory Council on at least three occasions during the funding period, including a final meeting at the conclusion of the funding period.

5. Teams will make themselves regularly available to meet with mentors and advisors.

6. In the case that a team does not achieve sufficient progress toward its stated objectives, the Advisory Council determines may, at its discretion, defer or decline disbursement of unspent/uncommitted award funds.

7. Award recipients shall be responsible for any tax liabilities they incur as a result of receiving the $15,000 seed funding.