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Open to all classes, majors, and interests. The more diverse the team, the better the work. If you are curious about Entrepreneurship and what to participate in- join u

                    Create a Change Challenge 2021

The Davis Center, Zilkha Center, Office of Accessible Education, [email protected] and Careers with Social Impact at the ‘68 Center for Career Exploration invite you to join us in this year’s Create a Change Challenge, Williams’ Social Impact idea pitch event.  There will be two tracks, one on reducing plastic packaging and one on improving accessibility.  

What will you get out of participating:

  • An understanding of how to develop an idea and what the creative process looks like
  • An understanding of key components of any business or venture which will help you evaluate the companies and organizations you might like to work at
  • Teamwork experience
  • Job-relevant experience for your resume like market research, strategic thinking, teamwork, business development, and pitch presentations
  • How to use and be a part of the amazing Williams Alumni network
  • A sense of responsibility for solutions and the confidence to do something about it
  • Fun!!

“Participating in the Create a Change Challenge was a fantastic way to be introduced to the vibrant and exciting entrepreneurship community on campus. It was incredibly enjoyable and rewarding working as a team to channel our creativity and industriousness into developing an ingenious solution to encourage recycling on campus. Having enjoyed my participation in the challenge so much, the experience certainly whetted my appetite for active engagement in the Williams entrepreneurship community and I cannot recommend the Create a Change Challenge highly enough to anyone who has even the slightest interest in entrepreneurship or problem solving.”

   Keegan Noronha’22

Create a Change Plastic Packaging Challenge 2021

Are you frustrated with all the plastic waste left over after you have shopped for what you need?  Do you see one-way plastic being used on campus and think “why do they need to use plastic for that?!”  It seems like almost everything we buy is wrapped in plastic in some way.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Take a look at what you buy and use, what the college uses and buys – is there another way to deliver these goods?  

What are YOU going to do about it??

Join the Create a Change Challenge 2021!

Create a Change Make Williams Accessible Challenge

Your arms are full of books, and the automatic door button easily lets you through; you are distracted by your phone and a beeping noise signals to you that it is safe to cross the street; you fall on your run but no worries your Apple Watch Fall Detection is able to quickly notify a contact that you need help. Some of the best technology, and coolest design features are actually accessibility features, but Williams Campus lacks many of them. We’ve heard from our students with disabilities that the built environment often makes them feel like Williams isn’t “for them.” 

What are YOU going to do about it??

Some areas to consider:

  • Creating inclusive learning environments
  • The Covid classroom
  • Pick a heavily used building on campus and make it The Ideal Accessible building
  • Harnessing technology to improve inclusivity
  • What else?

Join the Create a Change Challenge 2021!

In short:

  • Sign up HERE
  • Build or join a team to work on a solution
  • Learn the “Entrepreneurial Method” to build out your idea
  • Have an idea already?  Great!  Book an appointment with Tonio Palmer at the Career Center via Handshake
  • Don’t have an idea but want to join in – join a brainstorming session and a few expert talks to come up with one or join an existing team needing help
    • Create as diverse a team as possible to ensure success
  • Present your solutions to an alumni panel at the end of the semester
  • Prize money awarded!
    • 1st – $3,000
    • 2nd – $2,000
    • 3rd – $1,000.  
  • No obligation to launch the venture idea 

How it works – the details:

Once you have an idea the fun begins!  Build a team or recruit from students looking to join a team and get started.  We will teach you the most current methods for idea development so you will know where to start.  We will also cover topics such as Environmental Justice and the Realities of Plastic and Accessibility 101 (stuff you need to know). During the semester you will talk with alumni, impacted individuals, product users, product producers and others who are important in helping you figure out if your idea will work.  The goal is to present a viable solution to a panel of alumni judges at the end of the semester.  

Teams will form over the next few weeks.  We will do match-making if there are students looking to join a team or teams looking for help.  Ideal team size is between 3-5 students and the more diverse you can make your team the better.  The workshops on the most current tools for idea development – the Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking, Team Dynamics and Networking, will be held at various times so everyone can attend.  We will also run talks on Environmental Justice, the Realities of Plastic, and Accessibility 101 very important information that will inform your solutions. 

Once the teams are formed they will meet with Tonio Palmer, Director of Entrepreneurship, to go over any questions and discuss the specifics of their idea.  There will be a practice presentation with Tonio before the final Demo Day as well.

A note about the Idea:

Before you have done the work it is very hard to tell the difference between a good idea and a bad idea.  The key is to find an idea that requires investigation, that has large holes in it that need filling, that will start your journey.  Invariably the idea you present at the end will be very different from the one you started with.  Learn the process so you will be ready when the next idea comes along!

If you don’t have an idea yet, sign up and come to the workshops – the ideas will come!

A note about the Teams:

If you want to build your own team PLEASE try and make it as diverse as possible.  This will greatly improve your chances of success.  If you don’t have a team but want to participate we will do some match-making.

Still have questions:

Info session will be held on:

Friday 9/10/21 at 3pm

Monday 9/13 /21 @ 12 

Tuesday 9/14 /21 @ 5pm.  

(Students – please email me for a link to the Zoom meeting)

And if you can’t make any of those please book a time with Tonio on Handshake or send him an email: [email protected]



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    • Williams Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship – New this past summer of 2020! Student teams will be working on their venture ideas, working with alumni, learning the entrepreneurial method and having fun!