Find A Job

Okay, you’re ready . . . you want to find a job, and you don’t want to spend a lot of time looking, either . . . you just need something good, oh, and that pays well, too – yeah, and it has to be in Chicago . . . and, etc., etc., etc.

Our How-to section will help you in all aspects of job hunting, with sound strategies and practical guidelines. If, on the other hand, you simply want to see what’s currently available, you can tap the resources of the Handshake. Handshake allows you to search for jobs, internships, sign up for workshops, info sessions, and interviews, and even apply for jobs online.

There is a series of listservs that, once you join, will inform you of jobs and internships within your area of interest. There is also a ton of other information available through Handshake that has been created by the developers of the system. Take some time to check out all the features of this comprehensive system.

So, begin by logging in to Handshake.

If you’d like a little more thorough guidance on the job search process, visit our How-To section, or better yet, make an appointment with one of our counselors! Just call x 2311.

Use these resources to jumpstart your job search.