Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


    Q: If I am a first year student taking a gap year for 2020-2021, will I have access to the ‘68 Center? 
    A: We have many resources available on our website, particularly our Career Preparation pages and Career Community pages, to begin your initial career exploration. First year students taking a gap year do not have access to Handshake or EphLink. If you would like to speak to an advisor during your gap year, please contact Emma Cutrufello at [email protected]
    Q: Will I have access to Handshake if I take a gap year or personal leave for 2020-2021? 
    A:  Previously enrolled students that are taking a personal leave will continue to have access to robust resources within Handshake. Students taking a gap year will not have access to Handshake until you have officially matriculated into Williams.
    Q: If I am a current student taking a personal leave, will I have access to attend virtual alumni events (i.e.HYGT) and career center treks?
    A: Yes, you will still be able to access all resources in Handshake with your current log-in information, including job and internship postings, virtual alumni and employer events, and virtual career treks. 
    Q: I’m a current student taking personal leave in fall 2020, who can I talk to about using this time for career exploration? 
    A: We encourage you to make an appointment with an advisor in Handshake, and we’ll be happy to talk through your personal priorities and options for continued career preparation  during personal leave. You’ll also retain access to EphLink to connect with alumni and career communities. Regarding connections with employers, please see the Fall Recruiting section.  
    Q: Is internship (ASIP) or CAF Funding available for students taking a gap year or on personal leave? 
    A: Funding is limited/highly competitive and only fully enrolled students can apply.
    Q: If I take a gap year or personal leave will I have access to EphLink or the Alumni Directory?
    A: Students taking personal leave will retain access to EphLink and the Alumni Directory using their current login information. First year students taking a gap year will not have access to EphLink or the Alumni Directory.  


    Q: If I am an international student taking a gap year or personal leave in fall 2020, will I have access to the ‘68 Center?
    A: Currently enrolled students taking personal leave will have access to Handshake to make virtual appointments with advisors and participate in '68 Center programs and events. Please email an advisor directly if the times available do not work for you. You will also retain access to EphLink for alumni connections and mentorship. Please see the below information regarding connecting with employers during your personal leave. Please also connect with Dean Ninah Pretto about all questions regarding maintaining F-1 status during this time. First year students taking a gap year will not have access to Handshake or EphLink until you have officially matriculated into Williams.


    Q: Will I be able to participate in the Williams recruiting program (info sessions, coffee chats, interviews, industry meetups, etc.) this fall if I am taking a gap year (first years) or personal leave (all other classes)?
    A:  Currently enrolled students who are on personal leave will be able to fully participate in the recruiting program, albeit virtually.  You may apply to jobs and internships and attend information sessions, coffee chats, interviews, and industry meet-ups.  It is important, however, to make sure that your student status is accurately reflected on your resume, and remember to update your graduation year in Handshake. First-year students taking a gap year will not have access to Handshake until you have officially matriculated into Williams.
    Q: Is there a timeline for when employers look at potential employees and when they are expected to be joining a company out of college?
    A: Recruiting seasons vary widely depending on industries.  For example, the Investment Banking industry recruits during the summer for internships the following year, Consulting and Fortune 500 companies most often recruit in the fall, etc. All other employers recruit throughout the year and even into the summer months.  We strongly recommend that you speak with the Career Advisor for your target industry who can help you understand the hiring timeline. You can easily make an appointment with an Advisor through Handshake.  
    Employers who recruit on campus in the fall most often have a June or July start date in the following year.  However, most employers hire on a ‘just in time’ basis, which means you may be asked to start within days or weeks. 
    Q: How are career options via established recruiting channels affected by being off cycle one semester? 
    A: This is a difficult question to answer as it varies so widely based on both the industry that you are targeting and company recruiting policies.  We strongly recommend that you speak with the Career Advisor for your target industry who can give you more specific information.  You can easily make an appointment with an Advisor through Handshake. 


    Q: I’m a pre-health student taking a gap year or personal leave and would like to try to complete some of my professional school prerequisite courses during that time. Can you advise me on how to select those courses?
    A: Before enrolling in a pre-med or pre-health required course at another institution, we highly recommend that you consult with both the Dean’s Office regarding academic policies pertaining to courses taken at other institutions as well as the Science and Health Professions advising team for additional points to consider before deciding to do so. 
    Although we cannot advise you on courses at other institutions that fulfill prerequisite coursework requirements for graduate health professions programs, you can find more information about the recommended courses at Williams on our website.  
    Q: I’m a pre-med student taking a personal leave. How will this impact my prerequisite course sequencing, MCAT timeline, and/or future application cycle?
    A: We encourage you to schedule an individualized advising appointment with our Science and Health Professions team who can help you navigate these questions. 
  • Q: Is the Career Center open?
    A: Yes! Students can meet with a career advisor or a peer advisor remotely. Students can either click on Make an Appointment, visit Handshake, email us at [email protected] or contact a staff member directly to make an appointment. We encourage you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay informed.
    Q: I've heard the internship/job market is really challenging right now. What can I do to get a leg up, and how do I start?
    A: The market is tight, but there's good news: A number of people can help. Get started now by scheduling an appointment with an advisor. We'll walk you through the process and support you throughout. It's especially important for students who are “undecided” or just getting started to speak with an advisor to begin exploring.
    Q: How will campus recruiting, alumni speakers and career treks be impacted? 
    A: Recruiting, speakers and treks will all happen remotely—and potentially in greater numbers. Refer to Handshake for the full schedule.
    All recruiting activities (info sessions, coffee chats, interviews, job fair etc.) will be held virtually for the fall semester. This year, we have made the decision to hold six industry based meetups in place of our annual Job & Internship Fair. Students/parents, for more information please click here. Employers, for more information please click here. Our six meetups reflect our career communities: Business, Consulting & Finance Meetup, Arts, Communications & Technology Meetup, Education Meetup, Sciences & Health Professions Meetup, Startups Meetup, and lastly, Nonprofit & Government Meetup.
    Q: How can I build connections with alumni?
    A: EphLink, our virtual mentoring and connections platform, allows you to build community and seek out career advice from Williams alums. Users can search for contacts by industry, major, identity, geographic area and more. Send messages, schedule phone/video conversations, a virtual job shadow experience, or connect through the identity and industry groups.
    Q: Will the '68 Center for Career Exploration fund unpaid summer internships if they are remote?
    A: Yes! The college is committed to funding and supporting student summer experiences, and we anticipate strong student interest in internship funding going forward.
    Q: I've never been to the Career Center before and don't know how to make contact or get started. What should I be doing?
    A: It's easy to get started! Schedule an appointment via Handshake; look for the "Getting Started and Career Preparation" category.
    Q: What additional resources will be available to the incoming Class of 2024?
    A: First-years have access to our full suite of virtual advising, virtual alumni speakers and virtual career meetups. Early engagement with the '68 Center will provide the tools that students need to explore their career interests. We have dedicated advising and programs for first-year students. If you are a first-year student taking a gap year, please refer to our gap year FAQs up above.
    Q: I have questions about the pre-health track and health professions graduate programs. Is there someone that I should speak to for guidance? 
    Our Sciences & Health Professions team in the '68 Center for Career Exploration is here to support you throughout that journey. Please reach out to us for up-to-date information and individually tailored advice.
    A: I'd like to refer a student to your office. What's the best way to do that?
    You can either email us at [email protected] or visit the staff section of our website to make an introduction to the most relevant staff member.