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PLEASE READ: Effective with the June 2016 LSAT administration, everyone wishing to register for the LSAT will be required to upload a photograph to their LSAC online account during the registration process. The photo will be inserted on the admission ticket, which must be printed out in order to gain admission to the test center. Admission tickets that do not display the uploaded photo will not be accepted on test day. Once a photo has been uploaded, it may be re-used for future tests, and for test date or center changes. In addition to the admission ticket, test registrants must produce a valid government-issued ID in order to gain admission to the test center.

Additional details about uploading photos will be available on

Transmitted by LSAC 11/11/2015

Pre-Law Guide: Introduction

As the pre-law advisor for Williams students and alumni, I welcome the opportunity to meet with you. If you plan to enroll in law school immediately after graduating from Williams, or plan to attend law school in several years, I look forward to exploring these options with you.

During the fall semester, a number of law schools schedule information sessions at the Career Center. You can meet with the law school admissions officers, learn more about the qualities of each law school, and present them with any questions or concerns that you may have. If you want to receive e-mail messages about upcoming events related to law, please register for the law listserve on our Route 2 system via the WCC website.

In order to help you with your research, WCC has resources available to you in the WCC library and on the WCC website. You can search for summer internships or full-time jobs in law related fields on our WCC web link to our Route 2 System, or under the Law, Government and Public Policy links.

Please feel free to call the Career Center to schedule an appointment with me.

Michelle Shaw
Pre-Law Advisor/Assistant Director
Williams Career Center