Current and Classic Comments about Practicing Medicine

This page will contain articles and videos about medical practice that I am sent or come across. Feel free to contribute by sending me a link to an article, with your commentary or explanation. I’ll credit you (or not, if you’re shy). It is hoped that you will find this a useful, entertaining, and provocative addition to your preparation for graduate schools of the health professions. Sincere thanks to Dr. David Elpern for urging this project along.

Most recent posts will appear first.

Barbara Fuller, Director of Science and Health Professions Advising – [email protected]

“Are You a Toxic Waste Disposal Site?” Nicholas Kristof, NYT, 2/13/16  (thanks, Hanna Saltzman ’12)

“Hospitals Focus on Doing No Harm,” David Bornstein, NYT, 2/2/16

Thanks to Hanna Saltzman ’12 for seven of the next eight submissions:

“Racial Bias in Health Care and Health: Challenges and Opportunities,” David R. Williams, JAMA, 8/11/15

“Public Health in the Precision-Medicine Era,” Ronald Bayer and Sandro Galea, NEJM, 8/6/15

“Skip the pharmacy, head to the farm: Physicians write prescriptions for fruits, vegetables,” Rachel Nania, WTOP, 7/29/15

“Failure to publish the results of all clinical trials is skewing medical science,” The Economist, 7/25/15

“What’s Killing the Babies of Vernal, Utah?” Paul Solotarnoff, Rolling Stone, 6/22/15

“Amazon, Google Race to Get Your DNA Into the Cloud,” Reuters, Sharon Begley, 6/5/15

“Overkill,” Atul Gawande, The New Yorker, 5/11/15 (thanks, Alexandra Highet ’13)

“Big Data and Bacteria: Mapping the New York Subway’s DNA,” Robert Lee Hotz, WSJ, 2/5/15

“Millennial Doctors May be More Tech-Savvy, But Is That Better?” NPR News 11/27/14

Atul Gawande’s ‘Being Mortal’,” Sheri Fink, NYT, 11/9/14

Why Doctors Need Stories,” Peter D. Kramer, NYT, 10/18/14

A Doctor Discovers Dying,” Paula Span, NYT, 10/17/14 (thanks, Olivia Delia ’12)

After Surgery, Surprise $117,000 Bill From Doctor He Didn’t Know,” Elisabeth Rosenthal, NYT, 9/20/14

“Why I’m Becoming a Primary Care Doctor,” Mara Gordon, The Atlantic, 9/18/14

“Why Doctors Are Sick of Their Profession,” Sandeep Jauhar, WSJ, 8/29/14 (thanks, Hrishi Srinagesh ’13)

The Drawn Out Medical Degree,” Denise Grady, NYT, 8/1/14

“The Physician Assistant Will See You,” Barbara Moran, NYT, 8/1/14 (thanks, Liz Albert ’14)

The D.O. Is In Now,” Joseph Berger, NYT, 7/29/14

Bottlenecks in Training Doctors,” editorial, NYT, 7/19/14

“Race is On to Profit From Rise of Urgent Care,” Julie Creswell, NYT, 7/9/14

You Can’t Yelp Your Doctor” Daniela Drake, Daily Beast, 5/21/14 (thanks, Bianca Martinez ’13)

When Doctors Need to Lie,” Sandeep Janhaur, NYT, 2/22/14

Enhanced Medical Care for an Annual Fee,” Gina Bellafante, NYT, 12/6/13

Why Doctors Don’t Take Sick Days,” Danielle Ofri, NYT, 11/15/13

Nursing a Wound in an Appropriate Setting,” Thomas Hooven, NYT, 11/14/13

Some Health Programs Overseas Let Students Do Too Much, Too Soon,” Karin Fischer, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/4/13

Doctor, First Tell Me What It Costs, ” Peter Ubel, NYT, 11/4/13

How to Get an A- in Organic Chemistry,” Barbara Moran, NYT, 11/1/13

Major Medical Trials Still Fly Under the Radar,” Paul Basken, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/30/13

Gene Therapy with a Difference,” Andrew Pollack, NYT, 9/23/13 (thanks, Pat Morrissey ’12)

“Medicine’s Search for Meaning,” David Bornstein, NYT, 9/18/13 (thanks, Rachel Zipursky ’12)

“Beautiful Pathologies,” Nathaniel.P. Morris, NYT, 8/14/13

“Healing the Overwhelmed Physician,” Jerry Avorn, NYT, 6/12/13

“Medical School Debt and the Potential Impact on Patient Care,” Bob Hildreth, Cognoscenti, 1/19/13 (thanks, Daquan Daly ’15)

“Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us,” Steven Brill, Time, 2/26/13

“High Debt and Falling Demand Trap New Vets,” NYT, 2/23/13

“The Kindest Cut: How One Hospital Lowered Costs by Making Doctors More Budget Conscious,”, Dr. Delos “Toby” Cosgrove ’62, 2/20/13

“National Health Service Corps Expands the Primary Care Workforce,”, 2/6/13 (thanks, Stephen Martin ’91, MD)

“Med School Applicants Might Want to Rethink That Last Tweet, ”, Carolyne Krupa, 11/27/12 (thanks, Austin Brown ’12)

“Would-Be Doctors will Get More Chances to Study and Teach Abroad,” Chronicle of Higher Ed, Katherine Mangan, 11/5/12

“Racing Against the Genetic Clock,” Chronicle of Higher Ed, Kenneth P. Serbin, 11/4/12

“Physician Revives a Dying Art: The Physical, ” NYT, Denise Grady, 10/11/2010 (thanks, Amulya Iyer ’10)

“Doctor Shortage in U.S. Presaged in Las Vegas,”, Shannon Pettypiece, 10/22/12

Letting Patients Read the Doctor’s Notes, ” NYT, Pauline Chen, 10/4/12

“The Evolving State of Physician-Assisted Suicide,” , Jaime Joyce, The Atlantic, 7/16/12 (thanks, Kate Rooney ’11)

“Learning Medicine by Looking at Art,” WGBH News, Suzanne Pekow, 8/22/12

‘The Many Dangers Posed by Burned-Out Doctors.” Bloomberg Businessweek,  Chase Scheinbaum, 8/22/12

“Big Med,” The New Yorker,  Atul Gawande, 8/13/12   (thanks, Jonah Zuflacht ’11)

“The Bullying Culture of Medical School, ” NYT, Pauline Chen, 8/9/12

“Doctor Shortage Likely to Worsen with Health Law,” NYT. Annie Lowrey and Robert Pear, 7/29/12

“Life of a Nantucket Surgeon,” NYT, Tara Parker-Pope, 7/27/12

“Can Doctors Learn Empathy?” NYT, Pauline Chen, 6/21/12

“Federal Medical Research Regulations Must Accommodate Modern Medicine,”  Huffington Post, Drs. Ruth R. Faden, Nancy Kass and Sean Tunis, 6/13/12

“Our Animal Natures,” NYT,  Barbara Natterson-Horowitz  and Kathryn Bowers, 6/6/12

“In Good Health? Thank Your 100 Trillion Bacteria”  NYT, Gina Kolata , 6/13/12

“Failure to Rescue, ” Williams Commencement Speech, Atul Gawande, MD, 6/4/12

“Writing About Patients: Lessons From First Year, ” Ilana Yurkiewicz, Scientific American, 5/16/12

“Does Medicine Discourage Gay Doctors? ” NYT, Pauline Chen, 4/26/12

“The T-Cell Army,” Jerome Groopman, New Yorker, 4/23/12

“Reinventing the Third Year Medical Student,” NYT, Pauline Chen, 4/19/12

“Pre-Med’s New Priorities: Heart and Soul and Social Science,” NYT, 4/15/12

TED Talk: Atul Gawande, “How Do We Heal Medicine?”

“Life, Interrupted,” NYT video, 4/3/12

“Things Adult Medicine Could Learn From Pediatrics,” Perri Klass, NYT, 3/12/12

“If You Feel O.K., Maybe You Are Okay,” NYT 2/28/12

“The Plight of the Pregnant Surgeon,” NYT, 2/23/2012

“60 Lives, 30 Kidneys, All LInked,” NYT, 2/19/12

“The New MCAT,” Inside Higher Ed, 2/17/12

The Virtual Anatomy, Ready for Dissection,” Natasha Singer, New York Times, 1/8/12

“What Would Patsy Mink Think?” JAMA, 2/8/12—Vol 307, No. 6

from National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition,” “How One Hospital Entices Doctors to Work in Rural America,”2/2/12

“Medical Mistakes,” a TED talk by Dr. Brian Goldman; posted 1/12

“A Medical School More Like Hogwarts, ” New York Times, Pauline Chen, 12/22/11

“Don’t Quit This Day Job, ” Karen Sibert M.D., New York Times, 6/11/11

…and a rejoinder to this controversial posting,  Lisa Belkin,  New York Times 6/13/11

“Lies, Damned Lies and Medical Science”, David Freedman, The Atlantic, 11/10

“The Deadly Choices at Memorial,” ProPublica, Sheri Fink, 8/27/09 (thanks, Hannah Song ’12)

“The Itch,” Atul Gawande, The New Yorker, 6/30/08

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