Identity-Based Resources

We at ’68 Center for Career Exploration actively support all persons on their path to finding rewarding, meaningful, and safe work. We recognize the diversity within our community and are committed to supporting comprehensive service, active advocacy, supportive counseling, and affirmative hiring for our student body. In collaboration with the Davis Center, Integrative Wellbeing Services, and The Disabilities and Accommodations Advisory Group (DAAG), we at ’68 Center for Career Exploration present a comprehensive identity-based resources page to help the students of Williams College in their search for empowering and meaningful work.

We wholeheartedly embrace our similarities and our differences, including.

Employers are placing a stronger emphasis on recruiting students from diverse backgrounds and place a high value on their unique perspectives. Your identity and experience play a huge part in who you are and the lens with which you see the world through.

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Many resources and opportunities are listed below:

  • Diversity inability does not define any of us, especially when looking for fair, academic, and competitive work. The Williams College'68 Center for Career Exploration is dedicated to the advocacy and development of all Williams College students regardless of physical ability, neurodiversity, or mental health status. Resources are provided below to help you navigate career opportunities both here at Williams and in life after.

    '68 Center Campus Affiliates
    Accessible Education
    Disabilities Policies
    Types of Support

    National Organizations & Resources
    Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities
    Emerging Leaders: Summer internship and leadership development opportunities for students with disabilities. Started by Booz Allen and administered by the National Business and Disability Council.
    The Job Accommodation Network
    The Workforce Recruitment Program
    Ability Jobs: A place where people with disabilities can seek employment, confident that they will be evaluated solely on their skills and experience.
    Career Guide for College Students With Disabilities -  This guide put together by Maryville University has a variety of resources available to recent graduates with disabilities, and with guidance, finding the route to a successful career can become much more attainable

    In addition to the resources listed above, we encourage students to also schedule an appointment with a career advisor on Handshake to help formulate their career education plan.