Find An Internship

Internships are essential to understanding your options . . . the guidelines below will help.



There are also listservs that, once you join, will inform you of jobs and internships within your areas of interest. There is also a ton of other information available through Handshake that has been created by the developers of the system. Take some time to check out all the features of this comprehensive system.

So, begin by logging in to the Handshake

Need money? The Alumni Sponsored Internship Program provides funding for students who want to do unpaid, nonprofit internships for the summer. Also, there is limited funding for those interested in journalism and the news media. For more about the Alumni Sponsored Internship Program, consult this page.

Of course, check out the Summer Job Reflections Database for ideas from fellow Ephs.

Also, come to a Summer Starter Workshop to hear first-hand from counselors at the Career Center how to make the most of your search.

Internship vs. Summer Job?

There are many types of summer jobs and it’s often confusing to know what the differences among them are. Chief among these is the internship and if you’d like a little more guidance on how an internship can benefit your long-term career aspirations, read a bit from our internship guide. Basically, however, there are four types of summer jobs.


Internships are available in all fields and in all types of organizations. They can be paid or unpaid. An internship is usually a learning experience and is a good way to test a potential career field. It is important to remember that many people apply for intern positions at the large, prestigious companies and that the programs are very competitive. Many small companies would be eager to have an intern either on a volunteer or paid basis.


There are many summer positions available at camps, resorts, country clubs, national and state parks, summer arts programs, etc. Because these types of organizations operate seasonally, they depend heavily on summer workers.


Temporary employees are hired to replace staff people on vacation. Agencies such as Kelly Services can place you in these positions. Working as a temporary employee is usually extremely flexible and allows you to gain a great deal of exposure to a variety of work environments.


Many students opt to start their own businesses during the summer. There is a great need for reliable people to perform services such as house sitting, lawn care, pet sitting, house painting, etc. This type of employment works well when combined with a volunteer internship. It is also a chance to develop marketable skills.

You are most definitely encouraged to make an appointment to see one of our career specialists to help you further define your summer plans. Please call x2311 to schedule an appointment.