Prepare for the Job and Internship Fair

Tips for Job Fair Success!

DO YOUR HOMEWORK: Research the participating employers by reading their websites and prepare company-specific questions for those you’re interested in. This is also a great time to check in with potential employers about the application and interview process, though you should have read the company’s website for the basics already. Also, make sure you have your elevator pitch down and that your resume has been given the once-over at the Career Center. If your nerves are getting the best of you, schedule a mock interview to make sure you’ve got everything down pat.

LOOK THE PART: Dress as you would for an interview—and be sure to leave your backpack at home. Bring along plenty of copies of your resume, and don’t forget a firm handshake!

How Do I Make the Most of the Fair?

MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION: You only have a few minutes, so make them count. Maintain good eye contact (you can check in with a friend to make sure you come off as self-confident and interested, not nervous or overly aggressive). Stand up straight, smile, and again, don’t forget the handshake.

PRACTICE: If your first choice employer has a long line of students waiting, take the chance to explore a bit and practice your introduction on another employer. Practice makes perfect, and you may even find another opportunity you’re interested in if you take the time to explore the fair.

USE YOUR WAIT TIME: If you can, sidle up to employers’ tables while you’re waiting so you can pick up a brochure. Pay attention to the questions already being asked, but make sure not to interrupt – your time will come!

NETWORK: Make sure to pick up business cards. A personal connection can always help in the application process.

SAY THANK YOU: Employers take a lot of time out of their busy schedules to come to the fair. Make sure to stop by tables you’ve visited on your way out simply to thank the recruiters for their time – sincerely and briefly.

What Next?

SAY THANK YOU – AGAIN: Send a quick e-mail to any employers you connected with at the fair, including a thank-you, a recap of your conversation (including something memorable to help the recruiter remember you personally) and an expression of your interest in the company. A little consideration can go a long way!