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We are here to help you evaluate your career options, look for (or fund) an internship, find post-graduate jobs, think about pre-professional Graduate School for MBA, Public Policy, Law, and Medicine, or even discuss your major.  Current students may schedule a 30-minute appointment to get started. Select the advisor below who best matches your interests.

Arts, Communications & Technology (ACT)

Advertising, Media, Public Relations, Marketing, Graphic Design, Music Production, Fine Arts, Fashion, Performing Arts/Entertainment, Film, Journalism, Publishing, Information Technology, Data, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Computer Graphics. Learn more »


Advisor: Kristen McCormack, Assistant Director, Arts, Communications & Technology


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Consulting, Finance, Sales, Insurance, Real Estate, Human Resources, Sports. Learn more »


Advisor: Robin Meyer, Associate Director/Director of Employer Relations


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Careers with Social Impact (CSI)

Environment & Sustainability, Government & Public Policy, Law, NGOs (non Government organizations), Nonprofits & Social Justice, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Finance, Relief/Humanitarian Organizations, International Students. Learn more »

Advisor: Coming soon


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Entrepreneurship & Start-Ups


Advisor: Tonio Palmer, Entrepreneur-in-Residence


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Undecided & Education

Private & Public Schools, Higher Education, Administration. Learn more »


Advisor: Mike O’Connor, Associate Director/Director of the Career Discovery Program


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Sciences & Health Professions

Health Professions, Sciences. Learn more »

Advisor: Barbara Fuller, Associate Director/Director of Science and Health Professions Advising.


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Ms. Fuller’s calendar is opened every Tuesday evening at 5 pm. for the following week’s appointments.