Connect with Alumni

You spend four short years at Williams, but you’ll always be part of the Williams alumni community. The power and value of the Williams network is legendary. Alumni are eager to help you explore career paths and get a leg up in the hiring process. Because the’68 Center for Career Exploration shares office space with Alumni Relations in Mears House, we’re perfectly placed to help you reach out to alumni for information, advice, and support. Meanwhile, feel free to explore these online resources on your own.

Networking is a constant cycle of building and maintaining relationships, all of which can help you cultivate information and leads about potential career opportunities. If you’ve ever talked to a professor, chatted with a family friend, or made conversation with someone on a plane, then you’ve already networked!

EphLink – Williams’ Career Connections Program

EphLink has been created to provide a more structured and convenient way for students and alumni to build meaningful relationships.  On EphLink, all 2,200+ alumni have volunteered their time to participate, and therefore looking forward to hearing from you! When you join as a student, you will be able to:

  • Expand your Williams network and connect with willing mentors by industry, major, geographic area, demographic info, help topic, and other criteria of your choosing
  • Send messages or schedule phone/video conversations with alumni who can offer insight on career direction, industry nuances, or the Williams experience
  • Participate in a one-day-long job shadow experience which provides Ephs the opportunity to observe target industries through the lens of alums in the field. Ephs may “test” a career while also building industry contacts.
  • Develop confidence in networking skills through conversations with alumni

Learn more and register here!  

Williams Alumni Career Network

You will notice alumni profiles inserted throughout the Williams Alumni Career Network. They can give you advice on where and how to look for a summer internship or permanent job in their field. They’ll give you the straight story on what the job, the company, or the industry is all about. You can discover new trends in the industry and turn that information into good interview questions. Some advisors will be able to tell you what to include on your resume to impress recruiters. These advisors can’t create jobs, but they can give you all the information you need to get a good start on creating your own. And, utilizing Williams Alumni Database is a solid way to begin your networking.

Are you an alum and looking to connect with other Ephs?  Explore curated resources on Alumni Career Connections.


The premier online destination for professional networking, LinkedIn is an essential tool for job seekers and recruiters. More than 15,000 Williams alumni are on LinkedIn, and you can connect with them easily via Williams’ own LinkedIn page.

How’d You Get There?

Alumni tell their own stories of career and life exploration along many different career paths.  How’d You Get There workshops are hosted by the ’68 Center for Career Exploration throughout the entire academic year – check out the calendar on Handshake to see who’s coming next!

How to Reach Out to Alumni (via Email)

Interested in reaching out to alumni? Curious to learn more about a specific industry or what a day in the life is like? Check out our emails page for possible email outreach prompts that will help you curate personalized emails to alumni.