’68 Center for Career Exploration Disclaimer

Students should treat Handshake and EphLink, which are both third-party platforms, with the same caution given to any opportunity database. Due to the vast volume of internship and job postings on Handshake and EphLink, Williams College neither endorses nor makes any claims about the accuracy of the employers or their postings.  We strongly encourage students to contact the ’68 Center for Career Exploration if they are aware of misinformation or inaccuracies within either system. 

Williams College is not responsible for the working conditions, safety, compensation, or any other aspect of opportunities resulting from postings on Handshake or EphLink (or any source).  It is the responsibility of the student/applicant to perform due diligence in researching employers when applying for or accepting an offer. Furthermore, neither the college nor the ’68 Center for Career Exploration is responsible for any employer’s hiring decisions or practices, including rescinded offers.

Williams College’s Handshake and EphLink platforms accept postings from employers whose desired qualifications match those of our students. We do not discriminate based on the ideology or political orientation of either employers or candidates.  We believe it is essential to allow all students to explore career opportunities for themselves and make decisions based on their own interests and values.

Williams College strives to make a wide variety of career exploration programs available to students and other members of the community.  Students and other participants are encouraged to do their own research and make responsible choices as they explore their options.  The college is not responsible for many of the programs available through the ‘68 Center, including but not limited to, Career Treks, Job Shadowing, Internships, recruiting, campus speakers, and career courses. The views expressed therein by alumni, employers, and others may not reflect the views of the ‘68 Center for Career Exploration or Williams College, and their actions may be beyond the college’s control. Experiences of harassment, discrimination, and accidents should be reported to the college, but, depending on the circumstances, may be the responsibility of the employer, not the college, to mitigate.