Early Assurance

These schools accept a percentage of their class on an accelerated timeline, and they offer excellent students the possibility of acceptance as early as the sophomore year of college. Successful applicants trade the possibility of matriculation at all medical schools for the certainty of a seat in one particular school.

Mt. Sinai FlexMed

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai in New York City admitted sophomores early through its Humanities and Medicine Program (HuMed) for more than 25 years. In 2014 Icahn will expand HuMed into the FlexMed program, which will be open to students of all majors (not just humanities majors). FlexMed candidates will apply in the winter of their sophomore year (applications open October 15 and are due before January 15) and learn of their acceptance by the summer of that year. More information is found here.

Other Early Assurance options:

University of Rochester

In 2006, the University of Rochester Medical School  piloted an early assurance program (EAP) for rising juniors from Williams and a few other select undergraduate schools. One student from Williams has been accepted nearly every year since. The advisor will contact all sophomores with details about the program in April of each year.

SUNY Upstate

At the end of the sophomore year, Upstate considers applications from students with 3.5 or better GPAs. The prerequisite must be completed, but MCATs are not required for matriculation.

Albany Medical College

Albany will consider early applications from Williams students. Contact the advisor for more details.