Sciences & Health Professions

Our office serves current students and alumni at all stages of their exploration of careers in health professions or sciences. We offer academic advising, resume and letter preparation for summer and postgraduate opportunities, and counseling during every step of the application process to a professional school. Preparation is key to success. Careful course selection, strategic research and/or clinical experiences, and meaningful service and leadership activities during and after Williams comprise the elements of successful applications to these programs.

Each year, about 50 Williams undergraduate students and alumni apply to medical schools. The three-year acceptance rate averages from 85-90%. In the 2017-18 admissions cycle, 38 of 44 (86% acceptance rate) matriculated to MD or DO programs; 3 (100%) to MD/PhD programs; and 3 (100%) to veterinary schools.

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U.S. Student Fulbright Program *New Study Grants*
Deadline-September 9, 2019
Ireland-Four-year grant at the Royal College of Surgeons for a Ph.D.
Taiwan-Two-year study grant at National Taiwan University in Global Health 


Environment America Fellow

Positions start in August 2019.  Immediate positions are also available.  To learn more and apply please visit their website.

 Meet With Your Advisor

For answers to your general questions about Science and Health Professions advising, email [email protected]
Barbara Fuller, Director of Science & Health Professions Advising

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Marianne DeMarco, MD, Health Professions Advisor

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Allisa Miller, Science & Health Professions Coordinator

Email Allisa for questions regarding general scheduling, premedical requirements, and application questions as it pertains to the current cycle.

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