Public Health

Public health careers offer diverse and challenging opportunities to those who want to make a difference in the world. Globalization in its many forms has heightened awareness of the prevalence of chronic diseases, malnutrition, and emerging infectious diseases, while the need for systems to dispense medicines, increase access to preventative services, and to provide emergency relief has never been greater in human history. Health disparities among racial and ethnic populations in the United States are a topic of public health research; poverty, cultural and language barriers, lack of insurance and healthcare access, the problems of geriatric and pediatric populations, and the crisis of opioid overuse and addiction comprise the urgent problems of public health.

Public health attracts Williams students and alumni who want to address these challenges and who want to make a difference in improving the quality of life in their local communities, states, their country and the world. A liberal arts education is the best preparation for the interdisciplinary nature of public health. From majors in sciences and social sciences to education and languages, there is a public health program for you.

Individuals seeking to apply to accredited schools and programs in public health use the SOPHAS online service. Admission timelines vary widely from school to school as do deadlines and recommendation letter requirements.

Public Health at Williams

Did you know Williams College offers an area of concentration in Public Health?  Visit the Public Health website for more information regarding the program, course offerings, summer internship opportunities and more.

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