Healthcare Internships

SPEC 19 Healthcare Internship

SPEC 19 serves as a primary means of gaining clinical experience either locally or off-site, which is critical for a health professions career. Students may enroll in SPEC 19 more than once, but you may choose the local version of the medical internship model only one time. You are free to select the off-site version of the course if you have access to a healthcare professional or a training course or an internship in some other location*. You may shadow any healthcare professional, such as physicians, nurses, physician assistants, veterinarians, dentists, and/or public health experts.

*Examples are Atlantis Project or Colorado SOM Wilderness Medicine

For winter term 2019, we have added new local options to broaden the experience and preparation of students for future summer jobs or a post-Williams career. You may sign up for the EMT course (SPEC 30) if you haven’t taken SPEC 19 before or if you have previously enrolled in the local version of SPEC 19.

Course requirements: For those participating in local or off-site shadowing/program, you must submit a 5-10 page paper on topics provided on the course website. On-site shadowing must attend 3 didactic sessions at Williams as scheduled.

IMPORTANT: Make your health services appointment as soon as you know your placement! If you are off-site, you are responsible for knowing what the hospital or clinic requires for immunizations and administrative processes (e.g., HIPAA).

SIGN UP HERE: SPEC 19 application form

SPEC 19/SPEC 30 Information Meeting -form will be available after the informational session

*Please note space is limited in the local version of SPEC 19.  Juniors and seniors will take priority in placement. 

Come learn about SPEC 19 Healthcare Internships and SPEC 30 EMT Course on TBD.  Sign-up for the event on Handshake.

  • October 12, 2018–Complete and submit SPEC 19 participation form.

    October 26, 2018–Notification of your participation before winter study enrollment (November 7 – 9).

    November 30, 2018–Signed letter from off-site practitioner or proof of enrollment in a training program (that has been approved by Barbara Fuller) due to Allisa Miller.

    December 4, 2018–SPEC 30-EMT Training mandatory course information session in TBD. Must attend to receive a password for online curriculum.

    January 3, 2019–Winter term begins.

    January 25, 2019–Final day of classes. Papers emailed to Ms. Fuller before 5 pm on Sunday, January 27, 2019.

    • Proofs of tetanus within 10 years;
    • Two series of measles, mumps, rubella MMR, but you needed these to enter Williams;
    • Three-part Hepatitis B series if you haven’t had it or the third shot if you’ve had the first two;
    • A TB screening since June 2018 (within 12 mos of beginning WS). You must return to Health Center to get result 48 hours later.
    • Two varicella immunizations or date of disease (physician verified). If you need both shots, they must be 4 weeks apart.
    • An influenza shot. There will be two free flu clinics at Paresky in early October. Dates and times will be in Daily Messages.
  • To become an approved driver, the first step is filling out the form here:

    You’ll then get an email within 2-3 business days (sometimes sooner) from with the subject “CONSENT for Request Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).”  Follow those steps and then you should be approved very quickly thereafter.

    Procedures for booking campus vehicles for SPEC 19:
    2) Enter Center for Learning in Action (SPEC 19) for the organization, 110-2000030 for the account number and indicate your destination.
    3) Enter the details for the first date on which you need a vehicle, and list yourself as the approved driver.
    4) Since they only allow one date/time range to be entered, the form is not very user-friendly for recurring weekly requests.  Therefore, when you get the email confirmation from the form submission, you should reply to [email protected], and list all of the recurring dates (specifically!) for which you’ll need the vehicle until the end of Winter Study.  For example, if you are requesting a vehicle every weekday, you would list all of the weekdays during Winter Study, therefore: 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/9, 1/10, etc.
    5) Krista will typically reply in an email to let you know which of the list of dates she is able or unable to confirm.
    If anyone is still in need after trying this route, we can discuss details for use of one of the CLiA minivans or a Zipcar membership on our departmental account.


SPEC 30 Emergency Med Technician Training

    • Cost of $850 which includes the book. Price of national registry exam (NREMT) is not included. Financial aid recipients will receive funding for the total amount of the course.
    • Practical skills labs take place on Saturdays; the final lab session is on January 26, 2019. Check out the syllabus: EMT Winter Term 2019
    • Minimum of 4 students with cap at 20.
    • December 4, 2018–SPEC 30-EMT Training mandatory course information session in Griffin 5, 6:30 – 8:00 pm. Must attend to receive a password for online curriculum.
    • Williams Hybrid EMT Course Schedule