Student Peer Advisors

Our student Peer Advisors are our thought partners to bridge the student experience with our office. They strategize with us to build intentional and innovative programming in their respective industries, such as How’d You Get There? How Do You Do That? talks, Career Treks, and Peer2Peer Learning Workshops.  The Peer Advisors act as ambassadors to our office in sharing information about our resources and upcoming events. Lastly, our advisors offer their time to advise peers in one-on-one appointments and drop-in hours; questions range from the exploration of interests and resume development to how to rock an interview. We appreciate their voice and perspective to create meaningful programming for current students! To schedule a time to meet with any of the following Peer Advisors, please log in to Handshake and request a new appointment.

Arts, Communications, Technology Peer Advisors

Minh Phan ’23


Email Minh.

Schedule an appointment with Minh.

My Major:
Computer Science.
I’m Here to Help With: Resume/cover letter help, general career advising, and technical/behavioral mock interviews!
Best Spot on Campus: The Science Quad. Eco Cafe has the new Keurig machine!☕

Nicky Wu ’22


Email Nicky.

Schedule an appointment with Nicky.

My Major(s):
Political Science and Sociology.
I’m Here to Help With: I’m excited to be working with the Arts and Communications career community this year as a Peer Advisor. If you have any questions about how to navigate creative career paths or leverage your existing skills and experiences, please reach out! Finding your path can be a stressful process; I’m happy to talk through some of those anxieties with you or help you access any of the wealth of resources available at the Career Center.
Best Spot on Campus: Anywhere with a view of the sunset and mountains!

Finance, Business, and Consulting Peer Advisors

Tiffany Chhuor ’22


Email Tiffany.

Schedule an appointment with Tiffany.


My Major: Economics.
I’m Here to Help With: As one of your finance peer advisors, I’m here to answer any questions related to best practices for behavioral and technical interviews, resumé construction, cover letters, and how to find the right fit for you within the finance sphere. I’m a strong advocate for students finding the right fit and this means choosing a firm and / or specific area of finance that caters to your personality traits, academic and professional interests, and short / long term career goals. I also firmly believe in supporting women and first generation college students like myself and I can speak to these identities too. There are a variety of areas to explore when it comes to finance; therefore, feel free to ask away and I’m more than happy to share my experiences on how I ultimately decided on finance and more specifically investment management.
Best Spot on Campus: I’m a big fan of studying and vibing with friends by the reflection pool at the Clark Art Institute on a sunny day. Nothing beats the serene blend of beautiful views, joyous friends, and arts galore.

Abdu Donka HeadshotAbdu Donka ’22


Email Abdu.

Schedule an appointment with Abdu.

My Major:
I’m Here to Help With: Consulting recruiting.
Best Spot on Campus: Lee’s.

SanjeevSanjeev Ashok Kumar ’23


Email Sanjeev.

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My Major(s):
Mathematics and History.
I’m Here to Help With: Business Career Community advising.
Best Spot on Campus: North Science for studying!

Cecilia Junze Xia Cecilia Junze Xia ’22


Email Cecilia.

Schedule an appointment with Cecilia.


My Major: Economics.
I’m here to help with: As your finance peer advisor, I am here to offer advice on all the standard aspects for considering a career in finance, including interview prep, resume review, cover letters, networking, and choosing the right companies/niches within finance. We’ve all been through the confusion and the rush of applying to what seems like an endless list of jobs/internships and not knowing what they actually entail. I’m here to help you find your way in the actually quite broad field of finance without succumbing to peer pressure based on your interests, personality, career goals, and cultural preferences. Moreover, as an international student, I have been through the confusion and stress of finding a job/internship compounded by the additional constraints of visas, etc and would love to help anyone with similar struggles!
Best spot on campus: I really enjoy a good study session at Lee’s on a sunny afternoon. There is a sense of camaraderie without the depressing vibes of Sawyer.

Social Impact Peer Advisors

Maria Estrada '23 headshotMaría Fernanda Estrada ’23


Email María.

Schedule an appointment with María.

My Major: Political Economy.
I’m Here to Help With: I am glad to discuss potential career paths, industry opportunities, LinkedIn, EphLink, alumni reach out, or if you want to talk about the Career Center’s resources.
Best Spot on Campus: My favorite spot on campus is the Science Quad (amazing for stargazing and outdoor studying!).

Sunny Hu ’24


Email Sunny.

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My Major(s): American Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.
I’m Here to Help With: If you have any questions about non-profit organizations or community engagement, I’d love to help!
Best Spot on Campus: I think the best spot on campus is the bench in front of Clark Hall that faces Main Street.

Essence Perry ’22


Email Essence.

Schedule an appointment with Essence.

Drop-in Hours at Mears House: Mondays 8:30-10:30 a.m.

My Major: Economics.
I’m Here to Help With: If you are interested in careers related to government, law, international affairs, nonprofits, public policy, and social justice, please feel free to set up a time to talk! I am always happy to discuss career paths you are interested in, review your resume & cover letter, case and behavioral interviews, or help you discover potential opportunities for Winter Study or the summer.
Best Spot on Campus: Lee’s!!

Amanada Roff ’22


Email Amanda.

Schedule an appointment with Amanda.


My Major: Chemistry.
I’m Here to Help With: Learning more about Careers with Social Impact, searching for summer jobs, resume/cover letter feedback, and answering any other questions (or directing you to someone who can help)!
Best Spot on Campus: Hoosic River beach behind Cole Field.

Science and Health Professions Peer Advisor

Jason HaJason Ha ’22


Email Jason.

Schedule an appointment with Jason.


My Major: Chemistry, concentrating in Neuroscience.
I’m Here to Help With: Reviewing resumes and cover letters, finding internships/job opportunities, connecting students with other workers at the ’68 Center.
Best Spot on Campus: Prospect 4.5 Croom.

Career Peer Advisors

Deja Cunningham ’22


Email Deja.

Schedule an appointment with Deja.

Drop-in Hours at Mears House: Wednesdays, 1:00-3:00 p.m.

My Major: Biology.
I’m Here to Help With: Resumes, cover letters, getting started, using Handshake and EphLink.
Best Spot on Campus: Goodrich.

Emerald DarEmerald Dar ’24


Email Emerald.

Schedule an appointment with Emerald.

Drop-in Hours at Mears House: Fridays, 1:00-3:00 p.m.


My Major(s): Psychology, American Studies.
I’m Here to Help With: Resumes, cover letters, getting started, using Handshake and EphLink.
Best Spot on Campus: 4th floor of Sawyer.

Hassaan Rashid ’23


Email Hassaan.

Schedule an appointment with Hassaan.

Drop-in Hours at Mears House: Thursdays, 2:00-4:00 p.m.

My Major:
I’m Here to Help With: Resumes, cover letters, getting started, using Handshake and EphLink.