Winter Study Internships

Over the years more and more Winter Study courses have been developed to help you understand and gain experience in the world of work. While these immersive experiences require intellectual reflection, research, and writing, they also have substantial field work components that offer wonderful opportunities to gain valuable insight into professional life.

In the past, those interested in medicine, public policy, teaching, and social service had found a number of options from which to choose. Also, students have the option of creating their own courses and internships through the WS-99 option.

The Career Center also sponsors a winter study course SPEC 21 Experience in the Workplace:  an Internship with Williams Alumni/Parents that allows students to explore any number of different career paths:  arts and entertainment, advertising, publishing, government, social entrepreneurship, startups, education, digital media, museums, and more!

Winter Study Internships for January 2018 will be posted in mid-September.

If you have any questions, please contact Dawn M. Dellea, Manager of Alumni & Parent Engagement Programs at [email protected]